7 Ways to Fix Airpod Case Not Charging

An Airpod is used as hand-free with phones and other gadgets. It’s a device powered by a battery through the AirPods case, which is why it requires charging. However, an Airpod case not charging is challenging for most users.

To fix an AirPods case not charging, clean the charging port first before checking the power source to know if there is a power supply. Check if the USB cord you are using is in good condition. And if all doesn’t work, try resetting the case by pressing the button at the back for 30 seconds.

Continue reading, as this article will provide more step-by-step solutions to fix a noncharging AirPods case.

What do you need AirPods for?

What do you need AirPods for

Airpods is a multipurpose devices that you can use for several things; you can do any of the following:

1. Listening to music

2. Make and receive calls

3. Listening to a podcast 

4. Use as noise proof

5. Use to hear reminders

6. Respond to messages

7. Play the next music track

8. Play the previous track

What Can You Do with Airpod Case?

The use of an Airpod case is not just for fashion, as it’s the powerhouse of your Airpod. Here are things you can do with it.

1. Charging your AirPods and preventing them from running low is needed. However, the case must be fully charged to do this effectively.

2. Away from being a power supplier to AirPods, it serves as a protection to them. All you need to do is always keep them in the case safe whenever you are not using them.

3. It’s lightweight, making it a mobile device you can take wherever you go.

7 Ways to Fix Airpod Case Not Charging

Airpod Case Not Charging

There are several ways to fix an AirPods case not charging, the following guide you through without damaging it or needing an expert, as you don’t need any tools to carry these fixes out.

1. Check Power Source

First, you should check the power source you plugged the case into. Sometimes, the fault can be from the power socket due to insufficient power supply. 

Also, the power voltage can be low, or the socket point is damaged and not supplying power.

Use a tester screwdriver to confirm the power supply in the socket. But be careful when doing this, as electric gloves are needed on your hand to prevent any form of electric shock.

And if you find out that the power source is not supplying power, you can use another socket or fix it. Get an expert if you can’t do it yourself.

2. Check your USB connection

A USB cord is another culprit when trying to detect where a noncharging Airpod case is from. The cable might have an internal cut that will prevent it from charging the case. Another fault can be from the connector pin; it can be rusty or broken.

Also, if you have been using the USB cord for a long time, it tends to become weaker and might need to be fixed, making it impossible to charge your case.

After detecting all these faults, changing the USB cord to a new one is better for charging your Airpods case effectively.

3. Change the charger

The charger can be faulty even when the USB cord is in good condition. You must check properly by testing with 2 or three chargers to know where the problem comes from.

And after detecting it’s faulty, use another. If you have one or you get another one.

However, it is advisable always to use the charger produced by the producer of your airport; there is no particular reason for this but for compatibility’s sake.

4. Clean the charging port

Dirt can affect any device from working efficiently. Sometimes most people use their devices without proper maintenance. Like Airpod, the charging port will stop working because of dirt if you use it roughly without adequate care or cleaning.

So it’s either you use it neatly, or you clean it regularly to avoid from stop charging or even stopping working.

And when cleaning, avoid using water. If you will use anything, makes sure it’s a soft item without any liquid like a methylated spirit of gin. This simple practice will make your AirPods case charge again and protect it from damage.

5. Reset the case

After trying all the above fixes and still not getting it to charge, it’s time to reset the case. It is a simple fix that requires 1 minute. Put your two AirPods into the case, locate the setup button at the back, and press for at least 15 seconds.

After pressing the button for that duration, you will see a change in the case flashlight, indicating a reset.

Meanwhile, due to the dead battery, you might need to get it plugged into power and perform this reset fix. With this, there are possibilities of having your case charger again.

6. Return to the product provider

If you try all the fixes above and it’s still not working, it’s time to return it to the product provider for repair. And if the product is under warranty, it puts you in a better position.

7. Consider the years of usage

Before you return your noncharging Airpod to its provided, consider the years of usage. If it has been with you for long and beyond the warranty date, there is no need to return it. 

This decision is because when it has been used for years, it tends to develop faults like not charging.

How Do You Reset a Dead Airpod Case?

You can reset a dead Airpod by performing a simple task as follows:

1. Put the AirPods into the casing.

2. Plug the casing into a power source

3. With the lid open, press the power button at the back for at least 15 seconds.

4. The indicator light will flash with a changed color during this process. Most time, the color changes from amber to white. However, this depends on the device maker.

Can I Charge My Airpods Without the Case?

There are some cases where you misplace your Airpod case and are left with nothing to charge. You might have thought of finding an alternative to charge your Airpod.

There is no proven way to charge an Airpod with a case. Any other way will lead to damage to the Airpod.

So the best way is to get an AirPods case to replace the former.

Can You Charge Your Airpods with a Different Case?

Can You Charge Your Airpods with a Different Case

Sometimes you might misplace your AirPods case, or it even stops charging, then the thought of using a friend’s own will come up. But will it work with yours?

Another AirPods case can be used with your Airpod if they are compatible. The only way you can get their compatibility is the Airpod compartment in the case. If it can contain your Airpod, then it will charge it.

Using one from the same brand and the same model is advised. You can use a friend’s AirPods case to charge yours without worry.

However, If the model is different, it won’t work. For example, the Airpod pro case won’t work with a one to three-generation Airpod.


The fixes mentioned above on an Airpod case not charging will work if you follow the dos and don’t in the guide.

All in all, a good maintenance culture will keep your device longer and functioning.