Can You Wear Airpods in the Shower?

AirPods are a great device for listening to music on the go; they are effective for making calls, listening to music, and watching videos. But can you wear AirPods in the shower and still keep them dry? Continue reading to the end for the important things you need to know about using AirPods in the shower.

Apple Airpods are water resistant but not waterproof. If you put them in your ears when you shower, you can expect the same issues as using any other headphones in the shower. The neckband can get wet, and battery life will be affected depending on how much water gets inside it.

In addition, Airpod pro and 3rd generation Airpods are not designed to be used underwater, in the rain, or showers. So to prolong their lifespan, you should keep them away from water or any liquid.

Furthermore, those Airpods rely on a set of lithium-ion batteries that can be damaged by water, so don’t even think about taking baths or doing frequent showers with them. Most don’t come with an IPX7 rating, meaning they aren’t designed to withstand water.

What does IPX4 Mean?

IPX4 is an International Protection Rating for IP-X4 standards. It is a rating that indicates the level of protection from water and other liquids.

Furthermore, the IP-X ratings are a subcategory of the IP code, a four-digit number that can be used to classify electrical equipment and systems.

In addition, a product has been tested to withstand water spray of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. 

It means that it’s safe to take into the pool and shower, but you should use it at your own risk when using it for other outdoor activities (like riding a bike); the product may not be able to contain the amount of water that gets sprayed on it.

Can you shower with AirPods?

Can you shower with AirPods

AirPods are made from a very durable material that can resist a lot of wear and tear. They’re water resistant, so you can use them in the shower without worrying about ruining them.

Meanwhile, you should keep an eye on how much time you spend in the shower. Keep your AirPods from getting too hot or damaged when used for long periods in the shower.

And when you want to clean the water on your Airpod, wiping them down with a wet cloth will be fine, but you should avoid using harsh chemicals like detergent because this could damage the case of your AirPods over time.

Whenever you’re going for a shower, consider these things first:

  • Make sure your phone is waterproof (so no water gets in).
  • Check that your phone won’t get wet (so don’t put it in a pocket while it’s still raining outside).
  • Don’t use your phone while charging (you could damage it).

Aren’t Airpods water-resistant like iPhones?

Airpods are water-resistant, but they’re not as water-resistant as an iPhone. They can handle rain and sweat for about 30 minutes, at which point they’ll automatically turn off to prevent damage. 

But that doesn’t mean you can use them in the rain or take them swimming. 

They are designed to withstand sweat and moisture but are not meant to be submerged in water. The waterproof seal on the case will let water inside if you put your AirPods in a wet pocket or bag, but it won’t protect them from getting wet if they’re exposed to water while in your ears.

In addition to the IPX7 rating, AirPods has an internal antenna designed to protect its delicate electronics from water damage. It is why it’s important to keep your AirPods safe and dry when you’re not wearing them. They’re not waterproof on their own.

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Does Apple’s warranty cover water-damaged AirPods?

Apple is a leader in the technology industry, and they have a reputation for being very customer-centric. They want their customers to be happy with their products, so if you have an issue with your AirPods, they will fix it.

However, Apple’s warranty does not cover water-damaged AirPods. Various factors, including accidental spillage and exposure to moisture, can cause water damage. Because of this, Apple does not offer refunds or replacements for water-damaged AirPods.

Although the warranty covers mechanical failure to software errors, you can rest assured that if your AirPods get damaged or even if the battery stops working, the company will come to your aid.

Can you dry wet AirPods?

AirPods are made of a special material that is water-resistant but not waterproof. That means if you get caught in the rain, or your AirPods get wet, they’ll still work fine.

To dry your AirPods:

1. Take them out of their charging case and leave them on a flat surface for about 30 minutes (or until they stop dripping).

2 Blow dry them using the blow dryer on its lowest setting (the one with the tiniest amount of power). Make sure not to overheat your AirPods, or they will damage them.

2. Put them back in their charging case before putting them in your pocket or purse until they are fully dry (it will take longer if they get wet thoroughly).

Another way is to place the AirPods in a bowl of uncooked rice for about 24 hours. The rice will absorb some moisture from the AirPods and allow them to dry out completely.

Can I Wear Airpods Pro in the Shower

AirPods Pro is waterproof, but don’t use it in the shower. You should never submerge an AirPod pro in water because it will damage it, so ensure you keep them dry. However, I recommend using a case to protect it from getting wet.

Also, the water can get in your ears and damage the speakers inside.

Although, the case is waterproof and has an IPX7 rating, which means it can withstand some splashing water but won’t be completely submerged. If you’re worried about getting them wet, put them in an open-top container or a bag before putting them in the shower.

Can You Wear Airpods 2nd Gen in the shower?

Can You Wear Airpods 2nd Gen in the shower

You can wear AirPods 2nd Gen in the shower, but they are only splash-proof; they’ll be fine if you get wet with just a splash of water.

It is advisable that you not wear them while you’re swimming or washing your hair. If your AirPods are connected to a device like an iPhone or iPad, they may stop working if they get wet.

And if you’re nervous about how your AirPods will fare in the water, there are two things you can do: keep them wrapped up in a towel or wrap them in a wet paper towel before putting them back in their charging case.

Can You Wear 3rd Gen Airpods in the Shower?

3rd gen AirPods are waterproof and will not be damaged by water or sweat. They also have a special coating on the inside of the earpiece, so they won’t get wet.

However, this does not mean you should try to take them underwater or swim with them. If you do, water could enter the battery compartment where it’s stored. It could cause damage and shorten their lifespan.

Don’t be worried about the sound quality being affected by moisture and water splashing around, don’t be. The special coating on the Airpod prevents sound quality loss due to sweat or water droplets hitting them. 

Another way to safeguard against this is by using a case on your Airpods; a case will prevent them from getting wet if they fall into water accidentally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wear Airpods in the Shower with a Shower Cap?

You can wear Airpods in the shower or bath, but don’t submerge them. They have a special coating that prevents water from entering the pouch; if you accidentally dunk your Airpods in the tub or fall into the pool with them on, for example, they won’t get wet. 

That doesn’t mean you should go swimming with them on, but it does mean you should keep them from getting too close to the water when showering and bathing.

Can You Get Electrocuted in the Shower with Airpods

You can get electrocuted in the shower with Airpods. It has been reported that some people who have suffered electrical shock accidents were using Airpods in the shower. 

And due to design limitations, these particular cases of electrical shock were directly caused by water leaking down over them, causing short circuits.

Can You Wear Airpods After Taking a Shower

You can wear Airpods after a shower, but I don’t recommend doing so. It might hurt your ears and cause more damage if you continue wearing them after a shower. 

Drying them in a towel or a hair dryer would be the best for your ears.

Can You Wear Airpods While Your Hair Is Wet?

You can wear your Airpods while your hair is wet, but they should survive as long as you don’t completely submerge them in water. You can use a large scarf or a towel if you have long hair and want to keep them warm instead. These can be easily washed away by either machine or hand wash afterward.


While there are concerns about the size of AirPods and whether they can sustain a soaking in water. The question can you wear AirPods in the shower should not be overlooked. 

To be safer, don’t go into the shower with your AirPods on.