Where is the mic on MacBook air?

If you are using a computer or have been using it, it can be confusing when looking for the microphone on a MacBook Air. In this article, we will examine the question where is the mic on MacBook air?

The microphone port on the MacBook Air is located on the left side of the device. The laptop has an integrated mic that works well for Apple’s FaceTime video calls and Siri (using the new assistant). 

However, in testing, we’ve found no way to adjust the system’s built-in mic level.

In addition, the built-in stereo speakers on the MacBook Air are great for listening to music, checking email, and browsing the web. But for video chats and phone calls, you can plug in an external speaker or headset with a microphone. 

And the easiest way to add a microphone is to connect a USB-to-3.5 mm (1/8 inch) headphone cable to the “built-in” microphone port.

Also, you can use a Thunderbolt audio interface or third-party USB microphone if there is no available port.

Do all MacBooks have integrated microphones?

Do all MacBooks have integrated microphones

All MacBooks have integrated microphones. They all come with built-in microphones that allow you to use them as a secondary speaker system or for recording audio from other sources (such as your iPhone).

While it may seem like a small detail, it can be essential to your experience. If you want to improve your audio quality when using the Mac, you’ll want to ensure you have a built-in mic so you don’t have to worry about losing or breaking it.

Although the only MacBook models that do not have integrated microphones are the 15-inch Retina display MacBook Pro and the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. 

These models come with an external microphone and headphone jack, so you can use them if you want to connect your headphones or speakers.

However, the problem with many laptops is that the built-in microphones need to be louder to be heard over ambient or outside noise. 

For example, if you’re in a busy shop, you may need a louder microphone to be heard. Or if you’re outside in a noisy neighborhood, you may need a louder microphone so that people don’t have to shout to be heard.

To solve this problem, all MacBooks have an audio jack that can be used with external microphones; this allows you to connect an external microphone and use it as an input device for your laptop (like a headset).

Where is the mic on a MacBook Air (2018 and Apple Silicon models)?

The microphone is a hot-button issue for most Mac users. It’s one of the few places where Apple has been consistent in its quality and design.

On a MacBook Air (2018 and Apple Silicon models), the mic is on the left side of the keyboard, below the trackpad.

Meanwhile, MacBook Air (2018 and Apple Silicon models) will automatically adjust its sound output based on how close it is to your mouth. If you want to know where exactly the mic is located, there are a few things you can check:

1. Go into System Preferences > Sound > Voiceover > Voice Control & Dictation > Microphone Position

2. Check out your Mac’s menu bar by pressing Option+Command+F1 (or go to System Preferences > Keyboard). A small icon labeled “Voice Control & Diction” appears in the menu bar. Click on that icon and ensure that the Microphone Position is set appropriately, as it should be between [5cm] and [10cm].

See this diagram:

Where is the mic on 2017 MacBook Air 

The mic is on the bottom of the 2017 MacBook Air. The jack can be found on the left side of the computer, just beneath the MagSafe connector.

The easiest way to identify whether or not your Mac has a built-in microphone is by looking for a hole in the bottom of the device. If you see one, then there is a built-in microphone.

And If you don’t see one, the only way to use your Mac as an audio device is through headphones or speakers.

Here is a picture:

Where is the mic on 2017 MacBook Air 

Is The Macbook Air Mic Good Enough For Calls?

If you use the laptop for business purposes, it should have a good sound quality and volume levels. Also, if you use the laptop for watching videos or streaming media, it should have good sound quality that allows you to hear clearly without distortion.

The MacBook Air microphone is an excellent option for those looking for a portable computer to use daily. The microphone is compatible with Macs and PCs.

In addition, the MacBook Air microphone has an omnidirectional design, which means it will record sound from all angles equally well. It makes it ideal for personal and professional use, as you can rely on your audio equipment to be reliable and consistent in every situation.

Also, it features noise cancellation technology, which means there won’t be any background noises or echoes while using it on calls or listening to music. It makes it easy to communicate clearly without worrying about anything interfering with what you’re trying to say or hear.

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How to Get the Best Out of the Macbook Air Mic

The Macbook Air Mic is one of the best features that Apple has added to its laptops. This mic can record your voice and convert it into text, audio, or video files. 

It is also known as the “Headphone Jack” on some laptops, but it is not a headphone jack. It is located near all the ports at the bottom of the computer. 

And if you’re looking to use this feature, you’ll need to unplug any headphones or other devices plugged into this port before you begin recording your voice.

When using this function, make sure that your microphone is turned on by holding down the command key while simultaneously pressing the Play/Pause and Volume Down buttons on your keyboard until a green icon appears next to the Recording indicator in System Preferences. It will allow you to hear what you’re saying before recording.

So if you’re planning on using the MacBook Air microphone, you’ll want to ensure it’s working at its best. 

Here are five ways to get the most out of your MacBook Air mic:

1. Be sure to keep it clean

2. Check for any obstructions on your mic

3. Make sure there isn’t any dust or debris around the microphone port

How to Check the Microphone Setting on Mac

A microphone is a critical component of your computer, and it’s important to check its settings regularly to ensure it’s working properly.

The microphone settings for your Mac may be set to the default level, but you can change them if you wish. 

 Here’s how to do it:

1. Open System Preferences

2. Click on the Security & Privacy icon in the menu bar

3. Select the Privacy tab

4. Click on the Microphone icon

5. Click on the Open button next to Levels (or Levels 2 or 3)

6. Click on each of the three levels, and make sure they’re all equalized correctly.

And if you’re having issues with sound quality, consider turning off all other devices in your room besides your Mac and switching off any other applications that might be using sound directly through your microphone that could be causing interference.

How to Turn on Microphone on Macbook Air

If you want to turn on the microphone on your Macbook Air, follow these steps:

1. Press/hold the volume up button until the green light comes on.

2. Click on the volume up button again and select System Preferences from the menu that appears.

3. Select sound> Microphone from the list of options that appears when you click on System Preferences > Sound > Microphone > Mic tab or click on the dropdown menu beside “Playback” and select “Show controls” if it’s not already selected.

4. Click on either “Volume up” or “Volume down,” depending on which icon you want to use as your shortcut key to adjust your microphone volume while using Skype or FaceTime quickly; they are located under the small speaker icon in the lower-left corner of your screen (to access them, click once with two fingers).

How to Test Your Mac’s Microphone

If you want to test your Mac’s microphone, look for the same things you would if you had an external mic connected to your computer.

Check that the microphone is turned on. It should be obvious by just looking for a light on the front of your Mac and making sure it’s glowing. The microphone is likely off or malfunctioning if there’s no light. If there is a light, but it’s not glowing, try restarting your Mac.

And if there is still no working microphone, check that all other sound sources are turned off and then turn on the microphone input device volume control in System Preferences (you can find this under sound). 

Also, ensure you’re using headphones or speakers only when testing; don’t use other devices like speakers or headphones to test them.

Now test by speaking into the microphone while playing back audio files through iTunes or Spotify or whatever other media app you’re using that has built-in support for recording audio directly from a microphone. Try speaking slowly and clearly to get a good idea of how well it works.

And if you still notice that the microphone is not working. Here are some troubleshooting steps to help determine if the problem is with your audio equipment or computer.

1. Make sure your microphone is connected and turned on. If it isn’t, try connecting it using other methods (USB, Firewire, etc.) until you find an appropriate connection.

2. Open System Preferences > Sound > Input and make sure that the Microphone input is selected (or select your preferred microphone).

3. Play something into your microphone (like a song or podcast). If you hear sound coming out of the speakers instead of your computer speakers, then it is likely that something else is wrong. 

The benefit of Built-in Microphones in Laptops

If you are looking for a great laptop, one of the most important features will be the built-in microphone. You can use it to record audio and then share it with others or talk live with people who are also using laptops.

The main reason people want these built-in microphones is that they allow you to video chat on your laptop by having a video conference call with someone who has a similar type of computer as yours. 

It means that instead of buying an additional device just for this purpose, you only need one device that does everything.

Also, you can use them for voice calls and send emails through Skype or Gmail without using another device like an iPhone or iPad, which can be expensive and difficult to carry around if it’s not built into your laptop itself, which means less space taken up inside your bag or backpack.

In addition, they are more reliable and can be used more often without worrying about their sound quality or durability. It makes them more convenient for people with little experience using them because they don’t have to worry about getting anything wrong.


So, the answer to where is the mic on MacBook air has been stated above. The good news is that microphone works. The pictures above are a guide to show you that the mic is on the laptop’s left side. 

Remember to give your laptop microphone the care and maintenance it needs to serve you well.