Why Are My Headphones So Quiet?

Many use headphones to help them be hands-free and listen to music or messages in public places, especially in noisy environments. But despite how helpful this device is, we still get questions like why are my headphones so quiet even after increasing the volume to maximum?

Three major factors can be responsible for the low volume or quietness of your headphones; the first one is the headphones themselves, while the second is the poor optimization of the device. And the third is a compatibility problem between the device and the headphone, which might lead to a low-quality output.

Sometimes it also depends on the features that come with the headphone; some come with noise-cancellation features and personalized volume settings. It can affect the sound output if this setting is not well set.

These few factors mentioned are only some of the culprits for quiet Headphones as others will be well explained below as you continue reading.

Why Are My Headphones So Quiet? – 10 Factors Responsible for This

Why Are My Headphones So Quiet

Sometimes it can be very difficult to detect where the problem is whenever your headphone is quiet with no sound. But knowing about the factors below will help you find a way out.

1. Headphone Jack or Plug Issues

A Headphone jack and plug are one of the reasons why your Airpod is quiet. It happens when the jack or plug is loose.

Whenever the headphone volume is not working, it can create a problem with the jack or plug, making it not produce sound.

To fix this issue, use this guide:

  • Remove any object that can serve as an obstruction around the jack port to have a good connection.
  • Check the jack to see if it’s moving freely to be sure it’s working fine, and if it’s not, then it means something is wrong with it that needs a further check.

2. Bluetooth connection 

Another thing is the Bluetooth connection which sometimes can cause your headphone to have no sound.

Detecting Bluetooth connection issues means the issue is not from your headphones but from the phone or laptop’s Bluetooth connection. Follow this troubleshooting guide to solve this problem.

1. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on both your device and the headphones. 

2. Check under Settings and click Bluetooth for an option to enable or disable this feature. 

3. Ensure that both devices are on the same network (e.g., home WiFi). 

4. Try plugging in and unplugging your headphones from other devices until they’re connected to your device again. 

5. Try rebooting both devices by unplugging them and then holding down the power button until they turn off.

3. Dirt Inside Your Ear

If you can’t hear the sound from your headphone, it can be due to the dirt inside your earbuds.

Earwax build-up in the ears can make it difficult to listen to music and hear clearly and loudly. It can also lead to hearing loss. And the more you use earbuds, the more likely you will have some dirt in the gaps between the buds and your ear canal. 

And when earwax builds up, it makes it harder for outside sounds to penetrate the ear.

But if you regularly clean your earbuds with a cotton swab or tissue, you will have a clean and free passage of sound from your headphone into your ear.

So if you clean your ear regularly, you can avoid ending up with dirt and wax built inside your ear. It can irritate and even damage your hearing.

4. Wrong Volume Settings

Most headphones have a volume setting of their own, that’s why some are louder or quieter. The volume setting of your headphones determines the nature of the music sound and how loud it will be.

When you’re trying to turn up your music with your headphones and realize that the sound is low, it can be because you’ve got the volume too low.

Whenever you want louder music from your headphones, increase the volume and if you still don’t like the loudness, get better headphones with greater volume.

5. Profile or Software Bug

A device profile is the overall state of your software, like how much memory it has or what kind of processor it uses. And if this profile is affected by bugs, the sound from the headphone can be low.

And if it’s not a profile bug, it must be a bug from how your headphones have been programmed. So if you do not hear the sound from your headphones, it could be a software bug.

Also, your headphones might be muted or lowered in volume because of a bug in your profile or software. 

6. Low Battery

A low battery can cause your headphones to be very quiet. It is the main power source for your headphones, and you will only hear a little when it’s low. 

So if your battery is running low, it won’t be able to carry out some tasks like high-volume sound. That’s why they will probably sound quieter than normal most of the time because the circuitry isn’t working at full strength anymore.

Generally, the battery is the primary power source for headphones, and when it’s low, it starts going down or stops working. 

Make sure you always charge it to full capacity so you can use it for longer.

7. The audio file you’re listening to

The audio file you’re listening to has a huge impact on the way your headphones sound. The quality of the audio file you’re listening to is important. That’s why the more accurate and high-quality it is, the better your headphones will perform.

Another thing you should know is that many different types of files can cause issues when used with your headphones. When you use MP3s and WAV files, they tend to produce distortion when played through the headphones. 

That’s why the best way to ensure that your headphones produce the best audio output is by ensuring they’re paired with the right audio file. The device should be designed solely to produce top-notch sound quality. It should be compatible with any audio file (including those in high-fidelity formats such as lossless). 

8. Ear Fit Issue

Sometimes, the ear fit can be off. And when this happens, the ear pieces are not sitting right on your ears. The result is that you won’t hear anything through the headphones or earbuds.

We have a few solutions whenever you have trouble hearing music or podcasts because of your ear fit.

First, make sure that your headphones are not too tight. Your two fingers should fit between the edge of the speaker and your ear.

Second, ensure that your earbuds are not too snug. It can lead to discomfort and damage to your ears if they slide out of place during use. 

Also, checking for proper fit on both sides is important so that when you switch sides, one side isn’t being pulled into place by another set of headphones.

9. High Impedance Headphones

Another reason your headphones are so quiet is that they are high-impedance headphones. These headphones have low volumes, meaning less volume for each sound decibel. 

Also, they are not meant for loud sounds, which is why they are called “quiet” or “low-decibel” headphones.

Although they do a great job at blocking out sound and can be used in noisy environments such as airplanes, trains, and buses, these headphones also allow you to hear what you want without being distracted by the noise around you.

10. Headphones Are Damaged

If your headphones are damaged, it can be difficult to hear audio. This time, when you try to play music through your headphones, the volume will be too low or too high. It is because damaged headphones don’t produce enough sound to hear properly.

Damaged headphones are also likely to create static and crackling sounds as you try to listen through them, making it difficult to understand what you’re playing.

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How to Make Your Headphones Sound Louder

How to Make Your Headphones Sound Louder

When the sound quality on our headphones is not the best, it means they are not loud enough. So if you want your headphones to sound louder, here are a few tips:

1. Go for a pair with a good amount of bass. Bass-heavy music will make your headphones seem louder because it has low-frequency sounds that humans can hear.

2. Check the battery life of your headphones. If they have a low battery, it means that they won’t play as much audio and, therefore, won’t be able to produce as much volume. 

3. You can change the volume setting on your phone or device. It will make sure that everything sounds loud.

4. Don’t store your headphones in a hot place like a garage where the temperature rises quickly during the day. It can cause condensation and make air move through your earbuds harder.

5. Install volume-boosting apps on your device. These apps automatically adjust the volume of the music or other sounds that come through your headphones so that they’re loud enough for you to hear.

6. Don’t use a cheap pair of headphones.

7. Don’t wear your headphones too tight, or they won’t sound as good.


You don’t have to ask the question why are my headphones so quiet as everything has been explained above. 

For these reasons, you can quickly identify where the low sound issue is in your headphones.