Why Do My Earbuds Keep Falling Out? 10 Reasons

If you’ve ever lost a pair of earbuds, you know how frustrating it is. It can be even more frustrating if you’re at the gym, hotel, or other public places. If your question is why do my earbuds keep falling out, then you are in the right place. I will give you some possible reasons why your earbuds keep falling out.

Several things could cause earbuds to fall off, like when the cord itself is too short or when the cord is long, and it gets caught on something while in use and thus leading to the earbuds falling out of your ear and onto the ground. 

Also, all the small pieces of plastic and metal that make up your earbuds may be causing your earbuds to fall out of place.

In addition, it might be because you’re pushing them in your ear in a weird way. To ensure they are secure, you need to push them into your ear canal by pinching the earbuds between your thumb and forefinger. It creates a space between the earbud’s tip and the ear canal’s opening, which helps keep it in place while you listen to music or take calls.

Difference between earbuds and regular headphones

Earbuds and regular headphones are two different types of headphones that have unique characteristics.

First, earbuds are headphone types that sit inside your ear canal. They have no wires, so you can move around freely and not worry about getting tangled up in cables. It also tends to be more lightweight and portable than regular headphones.

On the other hand, regular headphones come with a wire connecting the two earpieces. With this, you can’t move around freely when wearing them. You’ll also need an adapter if you want to use them with anything other than your phone or computer, such as an MP3 player or tablet.

Earbuds are small, in-ear headphones that fit into the ear canal, whereas regular headphones are larger, over-the-ear headphones that sit on top of the ear.

The main difference between earbuds and regular headphones is that earbuds are meant to be used in-ear. Regular headphones can be worn over the ear or around the head. 

10 Reasons why your earbuds keep falling out 

Reasons why your earbuds keep falling out 

There are ten reasons why your earbuds keep falling out:

1. Everyone has different ear shapes

We all have different ear shapes, which is why many different earbuds exist. But if you’ve ever had problems with your earbuds falling out, you know there’s a decent chance it’s because of your ear shape.

There are three types of ears: round, square, and triangular. Each one can have problems fitting their earbuds in properly.

  • Round Ears: If you have a round face, you may get away with wearing smaller earbuds because they’ll fit more easily into your ears. However, if you need help keeping the buds in place while running or exercising, there are better options than round-shaped earphones.
  • Square Ears: People with square-shaped faces should be able to use standard-sized headphones without any problems, but if yours is anything but regular, we recommend trying out some other styles instead until you find something that fits better.
  • Triangle Ears: Triangular ears are particularly prone to issues when keeping things secure; people with this type of shape should avoid using small-sized.

2. Your earbuds are too long

If you’re using earbuds and they keep falling out, it might be because they’re too long.

Earbuds are meant to fit snugly in your ears. If they’re shorter, they will stay put and could stay out at any time.

In addition, your ear canal is only about two inches long, so when you put a pair of earbuds in, they can easily slip out. They can get caught on your hair or clothes and come out of your ears if they’re too long. 

It’s also possible that the wires are too long, which can cause them to get snagged when you try to pull them out of your ears.

3. Due to earwax

Earwax is another reason why your earbuds keep falling out of your ears.

It is a natural substance that helps lubricate the ear canal, making it easier for you to hear with your earbuds. 

However, if you have excessive earwax buildup, it can cause pressure on the external portion of the earbud, which can cause them to fall out.

To get rid of earwax:

  • Use cotton swabs dipped in vinegar.
  • Make sure you’re not allergic to any ingredients in your cosmetic products (like rubbing alcohol)
  • Remove any excess wax outside your ear with a lint roller.

4. The earbuds are too heavy

The earbuds are too heavy

Earbuds are meant to be lightweight so that you can wear them for hours without any problems. But sometimes, the weight of the earbuds can cause them to fall out of your ears. So when finding a light enough pair to wear comfortably, try finding a lighter model first.

Although many earbuds are made with rubberized plugs so they can be easily inserted into your ear canal, this design makes it easier for you to insert them into your ear canal. Still, it also makes them harder to remove from your ear canal once inserted.

So if your earbuds still need to be fitted, try adjusting their shape by squeezing them together or bending them slightly. You can also try getting a new pair of earbuds that better fit your ears.

5. Your ears are close to the jaw

Your earbuds may be falling out because your ears may be too close to the jaw. Move your earbuds back a little so they are not as tight in your ears. 

Sometimes when you wear them, the cable of your earbuds is likely pressing against the side of your face. If this happens, try a different set of headphones.

6. Your earlobes are too small for the earbuds

If your earlobes are too small for the earbuds, it’s possible that they won’t fit in the ear canal. And if this is the case, here is a way out.

1. Use smaller or larger earplugs: If you have small ears and large earbuds, try using smaller ones. If you have large ears and small earbuds, use larger ones.

2. Try different sizes of the same brand: Some brands fit better in some people’s ears than others. So if one brand fits you well but another doesn’t try another brand that works more closely to your ears.

3. Try different brands of the same size: While some people may find that they prefer one brand over another based on fit alone, other people may select a particular brand because it sounds better or has a better sound quality than another brand does, even when it doesn’t fit as well.

7. You might be wearing them wrong

If your earbuds keep falling out, it could be because you’re wearing them wrong. The most common mistake people make when putting in their earbuds is not inserting them deep enough into their ears. 

Here’s how to wear it right:

1. Wear them with the correct ear canal size.

2. Don’t wear them too tightly or with the wrong size of earbud case.

3. Don’t wear them when exercising or doing other physical activity; they may get caught in something.

8. Don’t exercise with your earbuds

You might need to remember to take off your earbuds before you start exercising. Because if you exercise with your earbuds, they can fall out during physical activity.

So if you’re exercising, don’t wear your earbuds. It’s fine to do so while you’re running or biking, but if you’re doing heavy gym work or lifting weights, it’s best to keep them out of your ears.

9. Pressure on the cable

When you’re listening to music with your earbuds, they can feel in constant motion. It is because of the pressure on the cable by the weight of your earbuds and the way they are held. 

So if you find that your earbuds keep falling out, it may be because there’s too much pressure on them, and they’re unable to stay in place.

10. Ear cartilage deficiency Syndrome

An ear cartilage deficiency syndrome is a condition that affects your ears. It’s often caused by ear infections and other conditions such as diabetes, but an ear injury or wax buildup can also cause it.

It happens when your cartilage becomes too weak to hold the bones in your ears together. The result? When you put on headphones or earbuds, they fall out because they’re no longer securely attached to your ears.

To prevent this from happening, clean your ears regularly with a cotton swab and warm water.

How to wear earbuds

How to wear earbuds

To wear your earbuds, position the buds in your ears and ensure they’re appropriately adjusted. Then, hold them in place with your fingers.

If you’re listening to music or other audio on your device, you’ll need to keep the volume low enough so that you can hear it. If the volume is too high, you’ll get distracted and unable to focus on what’s happening around you.

Next, turn on any noise cancellation features included with your device; these can help block out any unwanted noise while trying to listen to music without being disturbed by other noises around you.

If you’re still having trouble getting your earbuds to stay put, try putting them over the top of your head instead of through the back of your neck. It will keep them from moving around while keeping them in place.

How to wear In-ear-Monitors

In-ear monitors are a great way to listen to music on your phone or other devices. They’re small, lightweight, and extremely comfortable, and you might not even notice them.

However, you should know a few things about how to wear in-ear monitors:

1. Don’t expect them to sound like speakers or headphones. You can’t expect them to give you the same high-quality sound as a speaker or headphones. You’ll have to accept that they don’t have that volume and power.

2. Make sure they’re snug but not too tight. Ensure the earbuds are secure but don’t press them against your inner ear canal too hard. It will make it difficult for you to hear what’s happening around you and cause pain if they’re too tight or loose.

3. Remember your microphone. If you want people on the other end of the call to hear you, put some gel or tape over the microphone hole so no background noise comes through when someone talks into their phone next door (or whoever’s talking).

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my earbuds fit better?

You can do a few things to make your earbuds fit better. First, remove any wax or lotion from your ears before placing the plugs.

And if you’ve been exposed to excess moisture, put the plugs in and allow them to dry out before putting them in your ears again. 

Then, wash off the plugs and coat them in petroleum jelly. It will help control any bacteria growth that may occur from the excess moisture.


Because the quality of earbud manufacturing has dropped, there is no longer any guarantee that your earbuds will fit comfortably in your ears. As a result, questions like why do my earbuds keep falling out arise.

You need to find a pair that are just perfect for your ears. Also, it would help if you found a more secure pair than most because they have to stay in place while you’re jogging or exercising. 

Finally, you need to establish that they are not falling out by covering your ears with the palms of your hands. If you can accomplish these three things, you can enjoy listening to your music without constantly stopping and checking if they have fallen out again.